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Relics of Vandarth

Slaying monsters and claiming glory 










Module Board Game

From the creative minds of Wolf Spirit Games, we present Relics of Vandarth, a fast pace dice rolling adventure. Players will choose a hero destined for greatness and journey through the lands of Vandarth. With beautiful illustrations from Alexandr Nikiforov.

What is Vandarth?

Vandarth is a fantasy world, much like the world's of Middle Earth (LOTR), Faerun(D&D), and Tamriel (Elder Scrolls) packed full of adventure and mischief. Much of this world is divided into territory governed by various races. 

                                   "Adventure is out there!" 

                                                  -Ellie (Up)


What is the Goal of the game?

To achieve victory players will race against each other to fight off villains and monsters alike. Across the land old magical relics have been scattered, awaiting new heroes to claim their power. The first hero to successfully claim three relics will arise and claim the title of champion. 


Set out from your homestead and begin to fight off foes, dodge hidden traps, and claim relics of old. Each player will have their own side mission that must be completed over the course of the game as well. However, a great darkness has spread across the land, stopping heroes in their tracks. Make sure to sleep with one eye open...  

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