Illustration News


Friday, March 16th


Home is one of the most comforting places on the planet for myself. There really is nothing like coming home after a long day of work and just laying down to take a nap. Well, our heroes need that same comfort! Our homesteads have been finished and our heroes now have a place to call their own.

Alex has been working tirelessly to finish up the border of the game, which will be around the 10 regions and give the heroes a place to store their trophies and heal up any damage they have receive while on the road. This has been on our heart for a long time now just because we can have a prototype with all our real artwork! Before we had been test playing with a cutout I created with crayons and colored pencils (pretty amusing at times) but ultimately not the best quality. SO, we are now onto the next adventure of illustrations. 

Regions of Doom

Friday, February 1st


It truly has been a long process, much longer and more expensive than we envisioned when we first started, but I wouldn't change it for anything! To see a dream taking shape in the palm of my hands has been amazing! Thank you to everyone who has been with us from the beginning and thanks to everyone that has joined since! 

Here we are, starting the last of the illustrations. The most important part of the game, the board itself. We cannot really make a board game without an actual board! For this project we have asked Alex to create 10 hexagon tiles (about 5 in. each), that will be modular; meaning the game board will be switched around every game. This makes game play of each session completely different. Routes will change every game, access to regions will be blocked and alternate routes will be made. There will also be a border around the tiles (much like the format of Catan), this helps keep the 10 base regions nice and neat. The border is also where the heroes  will have their starting points, also known as their "Homesteads". Heroes will leave their homesteads and enter into the realm to become a legend of Vandarth! 

Foes on the Road

Wednesday, November 14th


The card backings have been finished and they. are. amazing. We will be rolling them out on instagram and facebook, changing from our once a week post on Tuesday and adding another update on Thursday when the time comes! That will double the amount of Relics of Vandarth in your life!


Anyways, back to where we left off last month with the Road deck. Within the Road deck we have a total of 19 illustrations, ranging from goblins and bandits, to spells of teleportation and healing prayers! These illustrations will be in full color and each card will be unique. Half of the game for us is the beautiful art work that Alex has been putting forth. Yes, the game mechanics are fun, the board play is a different approach, but Alex has been amazing and has really given the game life! We cannot thank him enough. 

Since these illustrations will all be unique and have great amounts of detail in each card, the amount of time will be slightly longer until the next update. Especially with the holidays coming up, I expect we will all want to spend some time with our families and friends. I promise it will be well worth the wait! 

Card backing

Friday, October 5th


Have you heard of the game Hearthstone (an online card game)? Well, the backs of the cards are all different textures and terrains depending on the style of deck you are using. When we saw this we were so taken back by the idea, thinking that it would fit perfectly with what we were trying to do with our game. So we have asked Alex to take that idea and run with it for the backs of our Event decks that he just completed. 

There are 10 different regions that will need backings, as well as, a Road deck and a Quest Deck. Any time your hero ends their turn on a space that is not an event space they must draw a card from the Road deck. These card we will get into a little later, but they can be an enhancement, battle, or script card. Quest Cards on the other hand are side-missions that must also be accomplished to win the game. Quest cards you would get in the beginning of the game. 

All in all, Alex said the card backings should only take a month or so. This means we shall wait for the time being! 

Adventuring is Hard

Friday, April 27th


We are excited and slightly sad about the next part of our adventure, we have just asked Alex to complete the event cards. These cards are the enemies that will need to be fought in order to claim a relic from the different regions. We are excited because this is the bulk of our illustrations needed for the game (about 60 individual illustrations), however, we are sad because this means a huge hit on our wallets (we have no capital and pay everything out of pocket right now) and it will take a great amount of time to illustrate so many individual cards.


For the base set of Relics of Vandarth,  there are 10 regions that are known to hold relics. All of these regions have an event space, a place where your hero has a chance to test his or her strength against the mighty foes that guard the relics power. Each event space will have 6 event cards (all different tasks with different ranging powers) and heroes must defeat cards as they are revealed. They will also have a color theme that applies to each region to help with the cohesiveness of the game as a whole. This game has had its struggles, but we cannot wait for it to be finished! Stay tuned for more updates.  

The Great Battle

Tuesday, April 5th


The forces of good and evil have been at each other's throats since the beginning of time, this is no different in the realms of Vandarth. A great evil has entered the land, consuming and destroying towns, cities, and villages as it sees fit. Heroes are now rising up to fight against this shadow figure known as the Dark Vale...

We are very delighted to announce that we have started our artwork for the box cover! From the ideas that we have been throwing around with Alex, I know that the cover is going to be epic. We are envisioning a huge battle scene (the heroes defending a relic while villains are fighting back)! I cannot wait to see the final product! 

From our talks so far we believe that it should not take us too long. This will be the most involved illustration that Alex has done, but from the sketches so far we are very pleased. Alex has some true talent. If you haven't already go check out some of his work on Art Station - Alex Nikiforov

Relic Creations 

Monday, March 12th 2018

We've done it! Our characters have all been completed, even the two for the first expansion. There were a few hiccups along the way, but we were able to work through them together. We will be doing a slow roll out of most of our artwork so far. The plan is to release content once a week, hopefully you will be willing to help us out and share some of our beautiful artwork with your friends and family! 

As for the next step, we will be asking Alex to illustrate the actual relics for the game. Basically, the premise of Relics of Vandarth is that you are an up and coming adventurer trying to make a name for yourself. The best way to do this is by fighting bad guys and finding lost relics all while journeying through the module game board. So for Alex to be illustrating these for us is important. There are 10 relics that will need illustrating, but we do not see this taking too much time, roughly a month and a half. Thank you readers for all your support so far in this new adventure for us here at Wolf Spirit Games.   

Contracts and Characters

Tuesday, January 30th


We have officially entered into a contract agreement with Alex, for the foreseeable future he is our go to guy for Relics of Vandarth artwork. Due to the time zone difference correspondence is primarily once or twice a day, but we are very excited to see our game starting to take shape! 

We have been talking about our six starting characters (Thief, Knight, Wizard, Bard, Fighter, Archer) and things are starting to come together. We will be releasing characters over instagram and facebook as we receive the final copies. We are really happy we found Alex! 

Finding Alex

Monday, January 15th


Our search for an illustrator has officially started. We have been in contact with multiple illustrators and have been asking for quotes and time frames (I just want to say that there are so many talented people in this world!).  For our process we decided to look at adds for freelance artists on It truly is a wonderful place for game designers or board game fans in general with tons of resources and information about anything you may need or want!  

Narrowing down the illustrator search is not easy, however, I think we have found the one! Alexandr Nikiforov, has worked on a few games in the past (Boar hunt, Mined Out). His artwork speaks for itself and we are very excited to see the illustrations he can produce for Wolf Spirit Games. For now the plan is for Alex to illustrate the complete game, this will ultimately slow the process a tad, but will hopefully keep the artwork clean and cohesive.