To become a large publishing company of games and fantasy

materials, with a team full of passion and excitement for

our customers.   



To create an environment where friends and families can come

together and journey into new worlds. To give artist a place to let

their talents shine. And to put laughter and joy above all else. 


1. We hold our products to a higher standard  

2. We strive to create a direct line of communication with our community and supporters

3. We believe in having ethical corporate practices    

4. We want to have continual growth and improvement

Wolf Spirit Games

Restore your Imagination 

As a society we are on our devices too often, we forgot what it's like to us our imagination. To play within a world created by our own minds. Wolf Spirit Games wants to bring that imagination back! We want to create games that are played with families, games that get you off of your phones and tablets and into a world of the impossible.   

The Team


Josh Henry

Co-Owner of Small Business 

Favorite Games: Smash Up and Canasta


Hobbies: Graphic design, Board game development, Illustrating, Love being active, some good old dungeons and dragons, and really any type of game! 


Why games: I was introduced into the world of games by my parents at a young age. My mother taught me many different card games (Canasta being the family favorite) and my Father taught me about sports, both playing a major part in my upbringing. Competition was infused in my blood and began to pour out of me. A passion for games was cultivated within me. 





Trevor Nataluk

Co-Owner of Small Business

Favorite Game:Elder Scrolls 

Hobbies: Dungeons and Dragons, Music Production,

Graphic Design

Why Games: I remember as a kid making a TCG with my friend

Josh and it was so much fun laminating cards, giving them abilities

and battling with them. I love that games give you a chance to

laugh and think with your friends. The gaming community is

incredible and I love to use my creativity to bring others joy. 


"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, the passion to reach for the stars."